Grevillea Hilliana

grevillia-hilliana-2We are very fortunate to have two Grevillea Hilliana trees at Booyong. They been listed as an Endangered Species by the NSW Scientific Committee in accordance with the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 and there are estimated to be less than 100 mature trees in the state. Known populations in NSW include Brunswick and Tweed Heads.

They grow in subtropical rainforest and are also known as the White Silky Oak and grow 8-30m high and have leaves silver under leaf.

They flower in May – July which will be during the Farmgate tour in 2017 so if you visit us you should see them in bloom. We’re excited to see them too and will post more pictures as we can.

Due to their endangered listing we will make propagation a priority and keep you informed as we discover more about this native plant.

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