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Willow Bottlebrush

Along the fire trail we recently discovered the Callistemon salignus , often known as the Willow or White Bottlebrush.

There is currently controversy as to whether Melaleuca or Callistemon should be used for the bottlebrush species, which I found quite understandable given the nature of the plant.

The white bottlebrush is a hardy and drought resistant medium sized tree, with narrow foliage and white papery bark. It is often identified by its pinkish new leaf growth and has white clusters of flowers in Spring and sometimes Autumn. The bottlebrushes are a beautiful Australian Native and look so pretty against the backdrop of the silver eucalyptus trees.

Seed are easy to collect and propagation is possible from both seeds and cuttings, although we do ask that you not remove any cuttings or seeds from the Conservation area.

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