Bushwalking at Booyong Conservation

With 85 acres of Conservation and three walking tracks at Booyong there’s plenty to explore during your stay.

A walk through the conservation area will provide you with the opportunity to explore a variety of community associations including: grasslands ;dry Shatterwood rainforest; grey gum forest; grey box forest; and sub-tropical rainforest. Booyong has a large variety of flora and fauna as well as a rich diversity of birdlife including 150 different bird species. The walks are clearly marked and the conservation area contains three dams which are homes to a variety of frog species. In addition we have an area of orchids to enjoy.

We are committed to protect and preserve the native plants and fauna in the conservation area and maintain the fire breaks, walking tracks and fencing of Booyong. In addition we are responsible for weed control and ensuring no exotic flora or fauna are introduced into the conservation area. In the future we will explore propagation of native plants as per our conservation agreement.

Wauchope has a long history of logging and Booyong has not been immune. As you can see as you descend the Hilltop walk and approach the rainforest there are several large wood stumps which remain from past timber logging. The forest is still quite young and in the process of natural rejuvenation which will take hundreds of years.

At Booyong Conservation all of our guests are asked to adhere to thefollowing agreement provisions as outlined in Booyong’s Conservation Agreement.

  • No domestic pets are permitted at Booyong conservation
  • Pesticides or fertilisers are not to be used within the conservation area
  • Wood hollows, green wood or fallen wood cannot be removed from conservation area for any purpose.
  • The use of trail bikes or four wheel drive vehicles are not permitted in conservation area
  • No native vegetation is permitted to be removed from the conservation area

Following these guidelines will assist us in ensuring Booyong and the flora and fauna it protects will continue to be available to enjoy in the future.

We have also listed some bushwalking tips for you:

  • When walking in the Conservation area, please take your rubbish with you.
  • Please don’t feed birds or animals as there are plenty of natural seeds and food sources within the conservation which are much better for them.
  • You can’t get lost as there are boundary fences surrounding the property, however it is recommended that you don’t walk alone and to let someone know where you’re going.
  • To protect the Conservation area please keep to the tracks provided and avoid bush bashing.
  • At times, as with anywhere in the bush, ticks, leeches, and other biting insects may be about, and it’s a good idea to wear appropriate clothing (Long sleeve tops and pants) and insect repellent if you’re sensitive to such bites.
  • Remember to take your binoculars if you want to bird watch.
  • You may wish to wear a hat, sunscreen and closed in footwear.
  • A snack and drinking water is also recommended.
  • Please supervise your children carefully.



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