Cane Chair Restoration

Cane Deck Chair Restoration

One thing we believe in at Booyong is recycling and restoring pieces of furniture to their original glory. As winter is approaching I’ve been looking out for a comfy wicker chair to place on the deck.

After some searching we found one around the corner that needed some tender loving care. It wasn’t looking it’s best and my first intention had been to paint it, however after sharing a picture with some friends on Facebook a very dear friend Heather suggested I use orange oil. So off to Bunnings I went this morning and purchased Gilly Stephensons for $23.90.

I went searching on you tube for some tips on how to restore the chair and found a great video that broke the process down into steps. I removed the broken weaving and cleaned and sanded the chair wearing a mask to avoid breathing in the fine dust and then hammered in some nails that needed replacing and applied the oil with a soft rag. It looks fantastic, the cane has come up beautifully and the scent of orange is quite lovely. I’ll need to purchase some new cane to reweave the sections that were eroded and will then give it another coat of oil.

It was in need of a pillow as the cane was a little uncomfortable behind my head so I repurposed some old cushions and made a new cover for them. You can never have too many cushions lying about and now it’s so comfortable!

I was very happy with the final product and hope you enjoy laying in the sun reading a lovely book when you come visit us at Booyong.


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