Grevillea Moonlight

Surrounding the main dam edge, we have planted some large grevilleas. Our intention is to invite the larger birds to this area. The Grevillea Moonlight will compliment this area beautifully and the fact that its fast growing is certainly a benefit.

This grevillea was purchased from the local Laurieton River walk Markets, one of our favourites as it has a local community feel and an abundant range of beautiful plants available.

It’s a medium sized evergreen shrub, which flowers often and belongs to the Proteaceae family. It is also drought resistant and this has certainly been proven over the past few months. Since we purchased it 6 months ago, it has been consistently in flower. The kangaroos haven’t nibbled on it either which has been a bonus.

This plan enjoys warm temperate climates and likes a sunny position, tolerating some light shade. To keep it’s form we will prune it regularly in late May and November, this will also encourage flowering and ensure it doesn’t become too woody. It will be fertilised with native fertiliser early spring as recommended by Australian Plants Online.

Angus suggests that it also makes a great hedge and is a wonderful cut flower.

The Grevillea Moonlight similarly to other Grevilleas will attract Bees, Nectar eating birds, Butterflies and other insects.