January at Booyong

One of my numerous goals this year is to update “What’s happening at Booyong” each month to keep you informed and to also assist us in seeing what we’ve accomplished and what needs to be done at each time of the year.

I am currently updating all of the fruit trees in the Orchard so that each month we can ensure they are being well cared for and be prepared for netting and harvesting etc.

Brett has also been busy assisting me with exploring ways to manage the water in the Food forest so it is self sufficient and we have consistent supply throughout the year. This has been an enormous undertaking and this post will follow with some information on how we plan to do that. Fortunately we’ve had some rain these past few weeks which will impact positively on this project.

If you have some time check out January at Booyong and let us know what you think!

January in the Food Forest 2019