Hastings Farmgate Tour

Sadly, the current covid-19 situation has led to the inevitable cancellation of the 2020 Hastings Farm Gate Tour. However, we are gearing up for 2021 – please diarise the 2021 June long weekend (12, 13, 14 June) for the return of the Hastings Farm Gate Tour.

The Farm gate tour was created to provide people with the experience to visit local properties and experience how farmers protect our environment and practice sustainable agriculture. It’s a self-driven tour featuring approximately ten properties open over the June long weekend and a wonderful opportunity to showcase local produce and natural conservation.

We have been fortunate to participate for a few years now and always find it an enjoyable day. Brett and Jack were even featured in the local Port Newspaper one Year.

We usually offer two guided walks throughout the day one shorter one through the rainforests and a longer Hilltop walk encompassing the back boundary and dryer eucalypt forest area. We thoroughly enjoy sharing the rainforest and conservation area our guests. The longer we reside at Booyong the more knowledge we acquire to share and what a pleasure it was to spend all day in the conservation area talking about trees and indigenous and native flora!

We open throughout the weekend and invite visitors to bring a picnic and spend some time at the property enjoying the peaceful surrounds. One year we had a family stay and come back the following afternoon as well.

We generally have many young families join us over the weekend for Hastings Farm Gate tour and it’s always delightful seeing the children exploring the conservation, eating bread on a stick, climbing, running on the grass and around the dams, swinging on the hammock and enjoying the property.

Whilst we will miss participating in the event this year and look forward to participating in 2021. You will find a great many improvements at the property when you come next year and don’t forget we are available for holiday letting if you’d like to enjoy a weekend at Booyong in the meantime!