Making Mulch

Honestly, making our own mulch from fallen branches has made us so happy. It’s noisy and it takes allot of time, but the idea of using the fallen branches and leaves to create mulch and feed the soil rather than having it trucked in is an incredible feeling. We were as always grateful for our friend Simons help in getting the mulcher going and to Betsy for transporting the mulcher round the property.

At Booyong, we are using what we have and at the same time the soil is improving. We have fifteen acres that are not under conservation and within that area their will always be plenty of fallen branches to mulch.

When we composed the fruit trees recently we also noticed a significant difference in the quality of the soil.

It’s promising and well worth the effort.

Another point worth noting the importance of supporting local business rather than offshore suppliers for parts. We are very fortunate that Brett is able to fix machinery when it breaks, and even more grateful that we have a resourceful neighbour, Fred who was able to build the part required to get the mulcher going. It was competitive in price and we didn’t have to travel far and wide, wasting valuable resources to receive it. Support local where you can!