Nodding Greenhood Orchids

When we first purchased Booyong Dave and Beryl asked if we’d seen the Nodding Greenhood Orchids. My curiosity was triggered, and I’ve been on the lookout ever since, to be honest not quite sure what I was looking for. In July I was so excited when I saw these green orchids emerging along the edge of the Conservation. Greenhood Orchids!
According to the Australian Native Plants Society the name deviates from Pterostylis…From Greek pteron, a wing and stylos, a column, referring to the winged column of the flowers and nutans…From Latin, nutans, nodding, referring to the drooping flower.
The petals form a hood (with brown tips) around the central column and the translucent green flowers appear on a single stem from 10-30cm high. Flowers can be seen anytime from March – October and plants grow in open and wet forests in both semi and full shade.
In Summer the perennial plants become dormant and die back to an underground tuber.
Being a Conservation property, it is our duty to protect these native orchids. Removing them will not generally be successful and only deplete remaining natural populations. Now we know where they are we will look forward to seeing them multiply each year!