Eastern Spinebill

A regular visit around the grevillea’s in the gardens at Booyong recently has been the Eastern Spinebill (Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris). This bird is clearly enjoying the sweet nectar of the Prostrate Woolly bush  and the Grevillea Lollypops. 
It has a long beak and is of stunning colour, dark grey, black and white. Males are more distinct in colour which is common in birds and will attract the females.
The Eastern Spinebill is commonly found east of the Great Dividing Range down the entire coast of Australia. It prefers to live in woodlands and forest and generally stays in the same area. As we have witnessed the Eastern Spinebill feeds on insects and nectar while perched or while hovering cleverly. It’s quite amazing to watch! It’s long beak is perfect for reaching into the grevillea’s and extracting nectar.
The female is responsible for building a nest of small twigs, grass and bark with spider webs and hair often located in the fork of a tree 1-5 metres above the ground. Once the eggs hatch the male bird will help to care for the young.
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