Outdoor Heated Rainwater Shower

After another long hot summer at Booyong we’ve been inspired to create a hot water outdoor shower for ourselves and our guests to enjoy.

The area we have created is quite large and the walls are made with galvanized tin and pine framework. To protect the pine and ensure it lasts it was coated with an environmentally friendly stain. Merbau timber was used on the decking and is not slippery at all. It’s a lovely large area to get dressed and there are hooks on the wall to hang your towels and clothes. The base of the shower floor was coloured with oxide and pebbles from the creak were added to the cement to create a beautiful surface. We had fun helping to mix the concrete – like baking a cake!

Fresh rainwater is collected from the cabin roof into the rainwater tank off the carport and has been plumbed into the shower. It’s in early stages and will be landscaped with tropical plants to create a relaxing, cool and inviting area. We’ve even allowed some space to add a outdoor bath at a later time! Bob’s expertise and Brett’s eye for detail were contributing factors to a job well done!

Brett’s been fortunate enough to test it out during construction and said “it’s great – he loves it”. He’s cut a log to create a shower stand that holds toiletries and a beer and enjoyed showering in the moonlight!

Not only is it indulgent but also incredibly practical: especially when you’ve been gardening outside or cutting tracks in the conservation area.

The bush calls for you at all times and a large part of being at Booyong is getting amongst it and enjoying the natural environment. We definitely encourage you to give it a try!