Pittosporum Revolutum

Walking through the track of the rainforest in May I came across the most striking and colourful fruits. They are of the Pittosporum revolutum (commonly known as the Hairy or Yellow Pittosporum) a stunning shrub that grows up to 3m high and 2 metres wide. It’s a common walking track and I have not noticed them before. It’s so amazing that there is always something new to discover!

This plant belongs to the Pittosporaceae family. It is a perennial plant commonly found in dry schlerophyll country from Queensland down to Victoria.

The leaves are ovary, hairy and alternate or clustered at the end of the branches and the spring flowers are small, yellow and lovely and fragrant.

As you can see from the picture the fruits are a vibrant yellow orange and filled with lovey red seeds and it’s quite interesting. It’s a popular plant for hedging and is apparently easy to care for. If you were to grow it at home, you it would suit sandy or clay soil in a warm temperate climate in light or half shade. This plant tolerates a light frost and attracts bees, butterflies and other insects.