Farmgate Tour – New Bridge

In preparation for Farm gate next weekend the boys have been busy building a bridge over a deep and narrow crossing within the Meadow walk . This is one of our favourite spots (I know, we have so many). In Summer time this area is surrounded by beautiful yellow wattle matt rush. 

and in Winter when the creeks is running it’s lush and green. The mosses on the rainforest floor and so beautiful and the bidwilli (python tree) trunks glisten in the rain. There are also magnificent birds nest ferns  in the canopy of the forest and on a sunny day the water irises are stunning!

We are very grateful to have the help of our friend Simon who is a regular visitor to Booyong and a master at clearing tracks and helping with various other projects. It’s really the people that make Booyong so special. To create this bridge, a recently fallen tree was used, measured and cut to the correct lengths and then pine sleepers were cut, placed and screwed over the top. The tree was smooth and had a fabulous straight trunk and was the perfect width so the boys were very lucky. The timber was stained with Eco wood and it has come up looking quite good, I can’t wait to see it next weekend. We also can’t forget to mention Bob’s dog Dixie (our kelpie) who was great company and enjoyed her brief time in the bush.

The Meadow is a recently opened walk and encompasses the rainforest, black swamp and grasslands. It’s a short walk but has so much to see. We are really very blessed to have so many different areas to explore on the property, grasslands, forests and rainforests, with eight very beautiful and different dams.

Be sure to wear appropriate footwear and long pants when you come to visit over farm gate weekend, we’re looking forward to meeting you!