Water Snowflake

Common Name: Water Snowflake

Scientific Name: Nymphoides indica

Upon the surface of the main dam at Booyong lay the beautiful water snowflake.

The submerged roots of the Water Snowflake usually grow in still and flowing water to the depth of 2 metres. The lovely little and delicate flowers come out in Autumn and Spring, with floating leaves holding the small flowers above the surface of the water. The flowers are sympetalous, most often divided into five lobes (petals) and the small fringed flower is either white or yellow.

There are approximately 50 species of Nymphoides and they grow in Australia, Africa, America, and Asia.

The plant is commonly used as a pond plant in water bowls or small ponds and is often sold as an Aquarium plant.

Some Magnetic Island plants suggest young stems and leaves are cooked and eaten in parts of Asia.

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